Healthy meat products

Our Australian brand is trusted throughout the world as a reliable, safe and chemical free food source. The Australian Government demand the highest standards in hygiene, safe work practices and humane management of all livestock. Purchasing Australian food products ensure buyers have peace of mind all these safety nets underpin an industry vital to consumers’ confidence and protection.

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    Meat consumption provides the human body with vital protein necessary for every cell in the body, and advancing optimal mental and physical benefit
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    High Standards
    Strict Government Regulation ensures all food produced in Australia meets the highest world standards and protects our country from serious diseases
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    Big Clean Country
    Australia has clean water, fresh air, lots of sunshine and a commitment to keep working toward sustainable farming into the future, essential elements for healthy food production
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    More Than We Need
    Australia exports around two-thirds of the total value of agriculture fisheries and forestry production, meat being the fastest growing sector. We are open for business
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    Ask Us
    We are a customer-centred business. We will source your ‘wish list’ commodities if they are in our marketplace
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    One Happy World
    SEQ Global values people first. We base all business transactions upon honesty, trust, and respect, ideally building long term, mutually beneficial, prosperous transactions.